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WhatsApp Food Ordering Malaysia

Boost Your Sales with WhatsApp Food Ordering

Chateefy WhatsApp
Food Ordering System

Provide customers the convenience to order their favorite food directly with you using WhatsApp.
Browse your menu, place orders, reserve tables, and make payments.

Browse menu

Let customers browse your menu easily in WhatsApp with images, description and prices.

Place orders

Enable customers to place orders at their convenience, anywhere, anytime they crave for your food. 

Make payment

Customers can confirm orders and pay you directly in WhatsApp via a secured payment link.

Manage orders

You can track every order easily in Chateefy with order details and customers’ contact details.

Elevate Customer Satisfaction
through WhatsApp Ordering

Revolutionizing Food Ordering with WhatsApp

Enhancing Order Confirmation Efficiency

Seamless Communications via WhatsApp

Stay connected from
any device

Experience it from
customers' perspective

Demo | WhatsApp Food Ordering

Experience as a customer ordering food

Scan this QR code to experience firsthand how simple it is for customers to place orders with you.

How to start using
Chateefy WhatsApp Chatbot



Register an account and connect your WhatsApp to Chateefy



Define your chatbot objectives through our user-friendly guide



Create chatbot with our conversation flow template, test and fine tune it



Deploy your chatbot and start engaging with customers on preferred channels

Outperform your competition today!

Win more new customers and retain them for life with Chateefy WhatsApp Chatbot!