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Optimize Your Lead Generation Strategy with Chateefy

Lead Generation

Enhance lead generation
boost your sales

Stop wasting time on unqualified leads. Elevate your lead generation and qualification strategy. Focus your energy on converting hot leads.

Capture leads 24/7

Never miss capturing a lead ever again. Build your customer base faster than your competition and gather essential information.

Auto qualify leads

Not all leads are potential customers. Qualify them with Chateefy to save your sales team’s time so they can focus on qualified leads.

Maximize conversions

Auto assign hot leads to sales team for focused conversion efforts. Direct warm and cold leads to nurturing flow.

Never ever miss
a lead again

Customers increasingly interact with businesses outside of business hours. Automate conversation between your business and potential customers today with Chateefy.

Continuous 24/7 lead
capture strategies

Build your customer database faster than your competitors effortlessly
with Chateefy lead generation chatbot.

Qualify leads effectively to boost your sales

Focus on lead quality, the chances of converting a lead into a customer drastically increase.

Qualifying Leads

The power of automation
in lead qualification

Save hundreds of hours by leveraging Chateefy’s lead qualification automation, eliminating manual prospect evaluation and categorization.

Supercharge your sales team with lead generation chatbot

Create your chatbot within minutes.

Sales agents and Chateefy work as a team

Sales agents and Chateefy work harmoniously to provide the best of both worlds – the efficiency of automation and the human touch required for complex questions and a superior customer experience.

Build positive customer experience

Building positive customer experience is essential for fostering trust and maximizing conversion rates. Sales teams must efficiently handle both quality leads and nurture cold leads to create lasting impressions.

Route leads to live agent according to your rule

Setup your own rules, for example, by assigning conversations by round robin or least assigned method, or according to the time and day of the week, or assign them to different departments of your business based on the selections the user makes in the bot.

Route prospects to assigned salesperson

Your prospects won’t appreciate interacting with various salespeople from the same company, especially if they’ve already begun a conversation. In the best-case scenario, it could create an impression of disorganization, and in the worst case, it may even jeopardize the deal.

Efficient lead nurturing for better conversions

Automate lead nurturing to guide your cold leads seamlessly through their buying journey. Deliver tailored content and timely interactions, you can keep your potential customers engaged and informed at every step.

Chateefy Mobile App

Chateefy’s Mobile App empowers you to assign conversation to team members, pause & resume automation, send template messages or SMS & email to reach customers that are out of the 24-hour window, and edit tags or user custom fields of contacts.

How to start using
Chateefy WhatsApp Chatbot



Register an account and connect your WhatsApp to Chateefy



Define your chatbot objectives through our user-friendly guide



Create chatbot with our conversation flow template, test and fine tune it



Deploy your chatbot and start engaging with customers on preferred channels

Outperform your competition today!

Win more new customers and retain them for life with Chateefy WhatsApp Chatbot!