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WhatsApp Chatbot
to Boost Your
Customer Service

Boost customer service.
Retain them for life

Optimize your customer service operation with Chateefy. Empower your support team to assist customers in achieving their goals more efficiently.

Help customers
instantly 24/7

Customers hate waiting. Immediately respond to customers’ queries elevates positive customer experience.

Consistent &
accurate responses

Chateefy helps your support team provide consistent and accurate information to customers, regardless of the agent they interact with.

Serve more
customers faster

Chateefy can automatically handle multiple inquiries simultaneously allowing your support team to focus on more complex tasks.

Serve your customers
while you're asleep

Integrate Chateefy’s chatbot for non-stop customer support, ensuring help is provided even when you’re not available.

Simplify customer
interactions with Chateefy

Guide customers effortlessly with easy-to-understand instructions,
and offer quick and easy interactions.

Boost your service team with Chateefy

Leave all the answering of simple questions and repetitive work to Chateefy chatbot so that your team can focus on more challenging tasks.

Boost productivity without expanding your team!


The power of automation
in customer service

0 %

of users prefer chatbots while looking for answers to simple questions.

0 %

of handling time can be reduced by implementing chatbots.

0 %

of users enjoy the speed at which chatbots respond instantly with answers.

Supercharge your support team with automation

Create your chatbot within minutes.

Reduce support tickets by as much as 80%

Enhance customer satisfaction by creating self-service resources like FAQs, guides, and video tutorials with Chateefy chatbot.

Improve efficiency further by crafting automated chatflows to effectively tackle common customer issues, leading to an up to 80% reduction in support tickets.

Service customers
on their preferred channels

Customers reach out to you via their preferred channels. 
Service them consistently and accurately on one platform.

Support social media users

Connect with your customers on popular social channels i.e., Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

Engage website visitors

Engage with visitors to your website by adding a WebChat widget in less than 3 minutes.

Consistent service level

Maintain a high level of service consistency to create a positive brand perception among customers.

Provide multilingual

Strengthen rapport and comprehension by creating chatbots that engage in your customers’ preferred languages.

Ready-to-use templates

Save the hassle of building chatbots from scratch. Chateefy offers ready-to-use templates that you can set up in just a few minutes.

Ecommerce bot

Ideal for ecommerce websites and online sellers.

Customer service bot

Supercharge your customer support team today!

Lead generation bot

Strengthen your sales funnel with our lead gen bot.

Recruitment bot

Simplify the hiring process with our recruitment bot.

Outperform your competition today!

Win more new customers and retain them for life with Chateefy WhatsApp Chatbot!