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Win customers and
retain them for life

Maximize your customer lifetime value by retaining their loyalty and
fostering long-lasting relationships through personalized chat interactions.

Instant Response

Customers hate waiting. Immediately respond to customers’ queries elevates positive customer experience.

Automated FAQ

Automate support to quickly answer frequently asked questions to eliminate customer’s frustrations.

Simplify Shopping

Most of the time, visitors who ask questions are ready buyers. Make it easy for them to buy from you.

Personalized Messages

Customers appreciate respect. Address them by their name in every conversation increases customer affinity.

Easy Bookings

Make it easy for customer to book and reschedule appointments without having to call or send an email.

24/7 Availability

It’s crucial to ensure that customers can get assistance, support, and all the information they need even outside of your business hours.

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of users prefer chatbots while looking for answers to simple questions

Winning Customers

Build automated WhatsApp lead generation, nurture, and follow-up bots to win over your target market in the shortest time possible.

Lead Generation

WhatsApp chatbot helps you automatically collect phone numbers and names of people who might be interested in your business from social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and your website.

Nurture Leads

Build relationships with potential customers by engaging them with personalized and valuable content. Increase their trust in your brand, ultimately moving them towards the buying stage.

Follow Ups

The key to catching customer at the right time when they decided to buy is to follow up regularly. WhatsApp automated chatbot is the best tool for this task.

Achieve more with
less resources

Expand customer base without expanding manpower. Maximum productivity at reduced costs. Only possible with WhatsApp chatbot.

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of consumers say that getting instant responses is important when contacting brands

Experience it from
customers perspective

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Try out WhatsApp chatbot capture leads instantly for you

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Why is WhatsApp chatbot important to you

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Business leaders claim that on average, chatbots improve sales by 67%.
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Chatbots can decrease customer support handling time by up to 77%.
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57% of businesses claim that chatbot delivers a big ROI on minimal investment.
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Using chatbots can reduce customer service costs by as much as 30%.

How to start using
Chateefy WhatsApp Chatbot



Register an account and connect your WhatsApp to Chateefy



Define your chatbot objectives through our user-friendly guide



Create chatbot with our conversation flow template, test and fine tune it



Deploy your chatbot and start engaging with customers on preferred channels

Outperform your competition today!

Win more new customers and retain them for life with Chateefy WhatsApp Chatbot!