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Best WhatsApp Chatbot Services to Grow Your Business

Struggling with multiple WhatsApp numbers?

You are likely encountering these challenges if you require customers to reach you via different phone numbers for sales, support, or inquiries.

Challenge #1

Missed opportunities

Incoming inquiries from customers seeking information or expressing interest in a product or service often go unanswered due to a fragmented approach involving multiple phone numbers.

Challenge #2

Inconsistent replies

Inconsistent and incomplete information received by customers, resulting from uncoordinated and unorganized responses, causes confusion and leads to poor customer satisfaction.

Challenge #3

Inefficient resource utilization

Some agents being overwhelmed with inquiries while others have less to handle, resulting in uneven workload and imbalances in resource utilization.

Challenge #4

Limited scalability & growth

The use of multiple phone numbers for customer service can impose limitations on the business’s capacity to manage higher volumes of customers, inquiries, or transactions.

Cohesive services for seamless success

See how our services work together smoothly to boost your business.
Our approach makes reaching your goals effortless and success inevitable.


Organize all customer contacts in one place for streamlined interactions and personalized engagement.


Optimize workforce allocation and collaboration among agents for consistent, efficient, and responsive customer support.


Track and manage customer interactions across channels, ensuring a unified and coherent conversation history for enhanced understanding and improved service.


Centralize customers conversations, simplifying engagement and eliminate confusion caused by multiple contact points.

Lead Generation

Automate lead capture process, ensuring no potential customer falls through the cracks and maximizing sales opportunities.

Sales Generation

Engage customers proactively, guiding them through the sales journey with personalized recommendations and timely responses.



Deliver targeted and relevant promotional messages to boost brand awareness, drive conversions, and nurture customer relationships.

Customer Service

Provide a seamless and cohesive customer experience, enhancing satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

Capture leads anywhere

Your customers can be found on any of the 16 popular channels listed below.
Connect with them right now with Chateefy.

WhatsApp logo


Connect to the world's most popular chat app to automate conversations.

Facebook logo

Facebook Messenger

Automate customer support and sales from Facebook Page, Messenger, comments, and ads.

Instagram logo


Reply anywhere automatically. DMs, comments, stories, and mentions.

Web Chat logo

Web Chat

Live Chat with your customers on your website without connecting to any social channels.

Google Business Messenger logo

Google Business Messenger

Reach Google search & Google map traffic with Google Business Messenger chatbot.

Email logo


Setup your email automation in every of the channel Chateefy supports.

WeChat logo


Automate conversations with WeChat for your business.

Telegram logo


Deliver high-quality service to customers with Telegram chatbot.

Voice Call logo


Build your first IVR with Chateefy's unique voice channel.

SMS logo


Improve customer experience with SMS bot.

LINE logo


Automate conversations with Line for your business.

Slack logo


Automate conversations with Slack for your business.

Viber logo


Automate conversations with Viber for your business.

Intercom logo


Automate webchat with Intercom and also transfer human support to Intercom.

Jivo Chat logo

Jivo Chat

Automate webchat with Jivo Chat and also transfer human support to Jivo Chat.

VK logo


VK is the largest European social network with more than 100 million active users.

How to start using
Chateefy WhatsApp Chatbot



Register an account and connect your WhatsApp to Chateefy



Define your chatbot objectives through our user-friendly guide



Create chatbot with our conversation flow template, test and fine tune it



Deploy your chatbot and start engaging with customers on preferred channels

Outperform your competition today!

Win more new customers and retain them for life with Chateefy WhatsApp Chatbot!